In Memoriam

    Joanne Benedict   

                            Founding Member                          


Excerpt from Artist Statement 2010

“I paint because I want to explore and interpret the colors and shapes of nature. I want to record the parts of the world that I find beautiful, from a grand landscape to a corner of my back yard. It is my hope to impart these same feelings to my audience. “

“ As a child, I was very interested in drawing the birds and flowers around me. After ten years of pursuing my career in elementary education, and then raising my family, I decided to revisit my interest in art. I enrolled in a painting class with Steve Carpenter and began to study painting as a way of expressing myself. I am always fascinated by the light, the color, the infinite beauty of the world. I am a member of DRAW group. I served on the board of MECA, and I am a member of the New York State Figure Study Guild.”