History of DRAW

On a sunny something morning in May 2003, multi-disciplinary artist Kate Lipsky had an epiphany …..

As she began her day pulling away from her home she noticed something interesting … some might even think  more than a coincidence…. 2 of her neighbors,  fellow artists, were also in transit – one backing out of her driveway and the other steadily coming up the street.  “Hmmm ” she thought to herself “, 17 houses on the street and 3 of them inhabited by artists, each also friends and students of the internationally acclaimed Steve Carpenter . What are the odds?”

That moment, that day, the germ of the idea of DRAW was born.

As 3 of the then students of the 15 that studied with Steve Carpenter at the Memorial Art Gallery in 2003 –  they  began by meeting by sharing wine, champagne and lunch on Kate’s back deck under the warmth of the May sun on Douglas Road.

The  love of creating, the shared interest in ART and the desire to collaborate kick started the group with a host of other like minded artistic women following Kate’s enthusiastic  lead to organize the initial group.  Since that inception – the group has evolved from an informal regular social  supporting educational and charitable events to a highly motivated group of 10 determined women who’s shared vision involves making art, showing as a group and supporting one another’s artistic journey.

In the early days,there were up to 14 members.  Each of the women contributing to the group in beautiful and dynamic ways that built the foundation for the 10 women of DRAW  that we know today.  Those other 4 each relocated, three to sunnier parts while one began her ultimate soul journey in January of 2011.

Those early members included professional artist Evelyn Albanese, Renee Gershovich, Judy Brust, Kathy White and Joanne Benedict (1947-2012).

The group, with its origins on Douglas Road was then named D.R.A.W. , an acronym for Douglas Road Artist Women.  The group activities  included, but have not been limited to, hand sewing tutus for the Rochester Ballet, contributing to the Student Scholarship fund for the now Steve Carpenter Gallery  & Art Center in Rochester to making permanent donations of our individual works to the Rundell Library Art Lending Library in 2010.

From coffee shops to the Bausch & Lomb Gallery and most recently the famed Dyer Arts Center at NTID – DRAW has showed in multiple venues with accolades from our highly discerning art community –  not the least of which includes  the current  President of the Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester.  Here are her words describing the 2011 Show  ” Parallel Perspectives: 11 Views” at the A&CC :


“DRAW, a group of highly gifted and accomplished artists from the Rochester area, brings together a unique and sophisticated blend of mediums and talents.  DRAW’s recent (January 2011) exhibition at The Gallery at the Arts & Cultural Council was received with critical acclaim from a broad spectrum of arts community insiders, along with the general public.  Their work is among the finest we have presented to date.”                                                                        

                                                                Sarah Lentini

Sarah E. Lentini

President and CEO/ Arts & Cultural Council for Greater Rochester

March 2011


10 years later DRAW, no longer an acronym, has evolved into an extraordinary art group recognized for its collective achievements. We are   now celebrating a decade of artistic trials and challenges, successes and triumphs.  Together we share the  gift of earned mutual respect, colorful friendships  and a tie that will bind us throughout our lifetimes.