Mary Buchan

Mary Buchan 

“By magnifying my small subjects I hope to express something of the beauty, energy, sense of growth and optimism that flowers represent to me.”


      In college, a fascination with art history led me on a path that I followed for many years as a scholar, teacher, museum volunteer and arts advocate. As is the case with so many DRAW members, I found my childhood passion for drawing and painting rekindled about ten years ago, when our group first came together.

We live in a community blessed with many dedicated and  talented teachers, and I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to study with several. Sari Gaby was instrumental in bringing me back to drawing and introduced me to the freedom and spontaneity of pastels. Steve Carpenter gave me the confidence to tackle oil painting and taught me the importance of composition and application. Chris Kolupski helped deepen my knowledge of basic techniques and introduced the concept of painting alla prima.


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