Carolyn Marshall


Carolyn Marshall
Before picking up pastels or a paint brush, my gardens represented my artistic outlet. Beautiful gardens require all the attributes found in a successful painting…good composition, juxtaposition of colors and values, strong lines, and a change in textures. Sitting in the backyard with my husband one afternoon, I pointed to the flower garden off in the distance. Framing our view on the left were the bronze leaves of a smokebush in full bloom and on the right, the chartreuse of a mellow yellow spirea. The fence in the distance was awash in color — lapis colored lobelia and lemon yellow day lilies squeezed in front of scarlet crocosmia with clusters of white and purple alyssum kneeling low, draping over the grass.
My artwork tends to be somewhat impressionistic in style, and typically you will see a great deal of color in my paintings. Mother Nature provides both an endless array of opportunities to capture our world on canvas, as well as a constant challenge to do so in a balanced and engaging way.

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Amber Fields  Oil on Canvas  Carolyn Marshall

Amber Fields
Oil on Canvas
Carolyn Marshall