Elyse Capell

Elyse Capell


As a painter, I am inspired by both nature and fantasy.  In merging the two realms,

I strive to bring life to the forms and images in my work through the interplay of light and color, by creating tension and visual drama in my compositions and by juxtaposing colors that vibrate and excite the eye.

Art has always been an essential part of my life. As a young girl, I was fascinated by my mother’s sketches and paintings. I received an MS in Art Education at RIT and taught art in public schools in upstate New York. Later, I pursued a clinical internship in Art Therapy at Hillside Children’s Center where I continued to work for many years. I am a Licensed Art Therapist in private practice using art as a vehicle for healing in the treatment of emotional and physical illness.


Cell: 585.329.9582

Office: 585.546.7920